First announcement

First announcement

The XIX International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS-2015) will be held on 16-20 February 2015 and will be dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding physicist, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Fyodor L. Shapiro.

The Conference is held annually and attended by students, PhD students, young scientists and specialists from JINR and other Russian and foreign scientific centers. The proceedings and abstracts will be published in special issues. The papers recommended by the Competition Committee will be submitted for publication in refereed journals. Participation in the Conference is confirmed by a certificate.

Starting in 1958, FYODOR L. SHAPIRO (April 6, 1915 – January 30, 1973) began his research activity in the Laboratory of Neutron Physics at JINR, where the construction of a fast neutron pulsed reactor (IBR) was already underway. In 1960, the method of neutron beam polarization suggested by F.L.Shapiro and consisting in passing neutrons through a polarized proton target was successfully tested on one of the IBR beamlines. In 1961, F.L.Shapiro suggested that the IBR reactor be used for condensed matter investigations. In 1968, F.L.Shapiro with his colleagues successfully carried out the experiment on first observation of ultracold neutrons. However, realizing that condensed matter experiments demand more powerful pulsed neutron sources, F.L.Shapiro initiated development of a new reactor. In 1969, the construction of a more powerful reactor IBR-2 began. Fyodor L. Shapiro has made a significant contribution to the theoretical and experimental investigations of the neutron resonance absorption in thick layers of uranium and the temperature effects in reactors.

TOPICS: The Conference will cover to the fundamental and applied fields of research conducted in JINR. Within the framework of the Conference leading JINR scientists will give lectures in English on the recent theoretical and applied investigations in neutron and nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics.

PARTICIPANTS: Students, PhD students, young scientists and specialists under 35 years are invited to participate in the Conference with oral or (and) poster presentations. The registration will be open until December 20, 2014 at the Conference web-site. Right after registration you will receive a confirmation from the Organizing Committee.

Registration is opened until January 20, 2015.

THE WORKING LANGUAGES of the Conference will be English (preferable) and Russian.


During the conference, the participants will present their reports in nine topical sections:

  1. Theoretical Physics
  2. Mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics
  3. Elementary Particle Physics and Relativistic Nuclear Physics
  4. Modern Methods of Acceleration of Charged Particles and Accelerator Technology
  5. Experimental Nuclear Physics
  6. Applied Research
  7. Information Technology
  8. Condensed Matter Physics
  9. Radiation and Radiobiological Research

Program Committee

  • Valery Shvetsov (FLNP) – Co-Chairperson
  • Grigory Shirkov (Directorate) – Co-Chairperson
  • Inga Zinicovscaia (FLNP) — Secretary
  • Alexander Ayriyan (LIT)
  • Otilia Ana Culicov (FLNP)
  • Walter Furman (FLNP)
  • Norbert Kucerka (FLNP)
  • Egor Lychagin (FLNP)

Organizing Committee

  • Oksana Koval (BLTP) – Co-Chairperson
  • Inga Zinicovscaia (FLNP) – Co-Chairperson
  • Vratislav Chudoba (FLNR) – Deputy Chairperson
  • Varvara Batozskaya (VBLHEP)
  • Alexander Bednyakov (BLTP)
  • Dmitry Dryablov (VBLHEP)
  • Roman Eremin (FLNP)
  • Constantin Hramko (FLNP)
  • Olga Matyukhina (ICD)
  • Andrey Pikelner (BLTP)
  • Nadezhda Rumyantseva (DLNP)
  • Julia Sidorina (LRB)
  • Evgeny Uglov (DLNP)
  • Olga Ustimenko (LIT)

Registration fee

Registration fee for JINR participants is 1000 RUB.
Registration fee for others is 1500 RUB.
Registration fee covers organizing expenses, coffee breaks and social programme.


Registration: until December 20, 2014 (Registration).
Proceedings will be accepted until March 20, 2015 at the registration page.

Registration is opened until January 20, 2015.

Competition of young researchers' works

A JINR Prize competition will be held for young scientists and specialists who made oral presentations at the Conference (poster presentations are not eligible for the competition). Also, an additional prize in neutron physics will be awarded to commemorate of the 100th anniversary of Fyodor Shapiro. The best presentation in each section will be specially awarded.


The Conference proceedings will be published at the AYSS website and in a Book of Proceedings. Examples for the publication preparation can be downloaded from the Conference website. The maximum number of pages is 4.


The accommodation expenses may be covered by the organizers for a limited number of participants.


The Conference will be held at the Bogolyubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR.

One can reach Dubna from Moscow by train from Savelovsky station or by bus (the area of Savelovsky station, an exit from the Savelovsky metro station). The final stop – station "Dubna", further on foot to the JINR checkpoint. Here there are the train and bus schedules for Moscow-Dubna trip.

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To enter the Russian Federation (RF) a delegate needs to apply for a Visa at the nearest Russian Consulate (RC) in his/her country. The first thing one should do to start the visa procedure is to fill in the attached visa application form. Copy of the passport main page (the page with the photo) should be sent by e-mail or fax (jpg-format is preferred).

Olga Matyukhina is the contact person to submit this information to by
E-mail address:
Fax: +7 49621 65891 (Please, remember to provide your name)
Phone: +7 49621 65582.

The reference number received from the Consular Service in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be forwarded to a participant for its further presenting at the nearest Russian Consulate in his/her country.

Please be advised, that your passport must be valid for 6 months after the visa expiration date.


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