Workshop @Dubna – The Physics of the Dimuons at the LHC

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is organizing the Workshop “The Physics of the Dimuons at the LHC”,
which will be held on June 23-24, 2022 in Dubna, Russia.

More details and registration are at the Workshop site

The Workshop is dedicated to 20th Anniversary of JINR participation in Dimuon Physics Program within the CMS Experiment at the LHC (CERN).
The main topics of the Workshop are focused on New Physics, Precision tests of the Standard Model, Future Physics beyond the LHC.
The Workshop will include two days of main sessions.

The organizers will be able to cover accommodation and transportation from/to the airport for all speakers and a limited number of participants.

We kindly invite all interested colleagues for registration.
If any questions arise please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee.

We hope to see you in Dubna with a great pleasure.
Sergei Shmatov
on behalf of the Organizing Committee

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