Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Please find further the information from EXON-2022 Organizing Committee:

We invite you to attend the traditional X International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei EXON-2022.

The Symposium will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 4-8 July 2022.

The Symposium will be devoted to the investigation of nuclei in extreme states and, in particular, at the limits of nuclear stability (from very light neutron- and proton-rich up to superheavy nuclei).

The Topics to be discussed are
   • Properties of light exotic nuclei;
   • Superheavy elements. Synthesis and properties;
   • Rare processes and decays;
   • Radioactive beams. Production and research programs;
   • Experimental facilities and future projects.

The program will include oral (20–30 min) and poster presentations.

Symposium attendees will have the chance to benefit from scientific exchange during either the formal activities or the informal meetings with colleagues from different backgrounds.

The Organizers of the Symposium are
   • JINR (Dubna, Russia);
   • RIKEN (Wako-shi, Japan);
   • GSI (Darmstadt, Germany);
   • NSCL (Michigan, USA);
   • GANIL (Caen, France).

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 17 April 2022.
Registration is performed online at the Symposium website.
Abstracts should be sent to exon2022@jinr.ru.

You may download the First Circular from the Symposium website.

As we work to build the Symposium agenda, please periodically check the Symposium website for announcements and updates.

Please note that online participation is not possible. All safety measures against COVID-19 will be strictly followed.

With best regards,

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