Machine Learning for Science (ML4SCI) Hackathon Competition

Dear all,

This is an informational letter on the upcoming Machine Learning for Science (ML4SCI) Hackathon Competition that will take place from November 8-22, 2021. The hackathon will focus on applying machine learning techniques to scientific challenges, including those from the fields of physics, astronomy and planetary science. Please find the competition poster at this link.

Anyone interested in learning more about machine learning techniques and trying their hand at the competition is welcome. Participants are encouraged to self-organize into small teams or work on their own to
devise unique solutions to the challenge(s). The participants can work on the challenges on their own schedule. The competition will run for two weeks, however only a small fraction of that time is needed to obtain competitive results.

Participants will have opportunities to interact with the organizers and with each other in person, via Zoom and on Slack. The kickoff meeting will be on Monday, November 8 (5 PM EDT) in person and on Zoom. There will also be an introductory machine learning lecture by Prof. Harrison Prosper on Tuesday, November 9. We ask the participants to please register for the ML4SCI Hackathon via Slack. Winners will receive certificates and prizes.

For questions about the ML4SCI Hackathon please contact Prof. Sergei Gleyzer or We look forward to your participation.

If you are interested to participate as a member of JINR Team, please contact Alexey Aparin

With best regards,
Nikolay Voytishin

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